Batman and Robin #1

    Batman and Robin » Batman and Robin #1 - Born to Kill released by DC Comics on November 2011.

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    Battling evil with his son, Damian, at his side, Batman now realizes that the hardest part of the job may be trying to work together! As Batman and Robin try to adjust to their new partnership, a figure emerges from Bruce Wayne's past: His name is NoBody, and he's not happy that Batman Incorporated is shining a light on his own shadowy war against evil...


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    NoBody Knows 0

    Father and Son once again suit up to patrol Gotham together, but what happens when Damian's ideal image of his father doesn't line up with the reality of the man?The GoodAs a longtime reader of Batman and Robin (Batman period) I felt like this issue was a complete follow up of what came before. The broad strokes of the Batverse remain more or less as they were. And considering that overall I was highly enjoying the goings on that's fine by me.I'm a big fan of Gleason's artwork and he and Tomasi ...

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    Damian needs a time out! 0

    Batman and Robin #1Hey everyone! So before I start writing about the story I just want to say one thing, if I was Bruce I would have belted Damian across the face for what he said to me! I mean come on Damian is a cold heart son of a bitch but when you talk about your father's dead parents in a fairly irreverent way NOW THAT'S JUST MESSED UP. Anyway now that I look like a child abuser, this was a very basic issue for a first. We get to see how Bruce is with Damian, and the two don't really mesh ...

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    Father And Son Bonding 0

    The Story:Batman and his son Damian team up to fight crime together. A new villain named Nobody targets Batman next.My Thoughts:At first I wasn't going to pick up this series strictly due to money issues. However, Batman being one of my favorite characters and Peter J. Tomasi writing this made it difficult for me to pass on. I'm glad I decided to pick this up because it was an overall solid first issue. I know not everyone will agree with that statement and a lot of people will nitpick at every ...

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