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Morrison and Quitely

Frank Quitely compliments Grant Morrison like Gene Ha compliments Alan Moore. I think if you can embrace the character of Damien, and the idea of a non Bruce Wayne Batman, and just have faith in these guys to create a damn good, 25 issue saga, then you'll love this series. So far my only complaint is the design of the Batmobile. But who cares? The rest of the art is awesome.

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    Ribbit! 0

    Finally! I review a monthly comic before it becomes a paperback!So the new Dynamic Duo has appeared after the months passed after Bruce Wayne's fake death. Plus, they got a flying Batmobile! Who needs a Batplane when you got that?Anyway, I was interested in reading this because of the premise, and I'm neutral with Morrison. The last thing I read by him was Batman R.I.P, and while I didn't hate it, I didn't like all of it enough to prevent me from getting my money back. (Some parts in the middle ...

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    The dynamic duo !!!!!! 0

    well wot can i say i love grant morrison and frank quitely!!!!!this comic has become one of my favourite so far!!!!!!! grant morrison creates a very good introduction of the the characters. Dick grayson is becoming one of my favourite batman related characters and for some strange reason damian is becoming one of my favourite characters as well even though he is not very popular with lots of people right at the moment... so i gave it a 5 out of 5, just to add to that the art is looksing good too...

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