Batman and Robin #1

    Batman and Robin » Batman and Robin #1 - Batman Reborn Part 1: Domino Effect released by DC Comics on August 1, 2009.

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    'Batman Reborn' begins here! With the reunited team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, WE3, New X-Men), this first issue kicks off a 3-part story arc that can't be missed! The new Dynamic Duo hit the streets with a bang in their new flying Batmobile as they face off against an assemblage of villains called the Circus of Strange. They also tackle their first mission investigating a child who's been abducted by the mysterious Domino Killer. But will everything go smoothly? And who exactly are the new Batman and Robin? The newest era of The Dark Knight begins here!

    Outside a tunnel, a cop car explosion occurs as Mr. Toad and his gang are driving away in a high speed chase. His henchmen become scared because the Batmobile isn't far behind. The new flying Batmobile comes up behind them in the tunnel. Damian tells Dick that he knew he could make a flying Batmobile. Dick shoots a rocket at Mr. Toad's car but hits right in front of it, causing it to go out of control. The Batmobile attaches itself to the top of Mr. Toad's car and flies out of the tunnel without hitting any other cars. They drop the car into the water near the docks. Mr. Toad climbs out of the car and starts swimming towards the pier. He thinks he has escaped but gets to the top, only to find Batman and Robin waiting for him. They both punch him at the same time and knock him down. His briefcase flies into the air and busts open, causing it's contents, which are dominoes, to fly out. Mr. Toad wakes up blindfolded while hanging out of the Batmobile by Batman. He interrogates him and drops him onto the ground, which isn't very far. Mr. Toad threatens Batman as the Batmobile flies away.

    Dick and Alfred are in the Batcave. Dick is in a suit and looking at a photo of himself with Bruce, Alfred, and Ace. Alfred asks if Dick is having second thoughts about becoming Batman. He says no but talks about how becoming Batman was his worst nightmare and he felt secure as Nightwing. He puts the photo in his bag. He says that he is also unsure about his decision of making Damian be his Robin. Alfred reassures him that Robin will be not a problem for Dick.

    They drive away from Wayne Manor and Alfred tells Dick that Bruce was always proud of him. Especially now.

    Inside Wayne Enterprises, Alfred is on the top floor in Bruce's office/penthouse, making food and drinks for Dick and Damian. He gets into the elevator and goes all the way to the underground base underneath the building. He enters and finds Dick, in costume, looking up dominoes on the Batcomputer. Alfred takes dinner to Damian, who is working on the Batmobile. Damian thanks him, but keeps working. Alfred compliments his work, but Damian dismisses him away. He goes back up to Dick, who is still on the Batcomputer. He notes that he cannot find Mr. Toad in any of the databases, but he feels he can find something because of his circus slang. He compliments Alfred on his food. Dick feels unsure of himself again. Damian then walks up and tells him that if he can't do it, then to stand aside. He tells him that he was made for the job and could do it all by himself. Dick tells him not today and to get in the car and not to forget his mask. Reluctantly, Damian complies. They drive out and say that crime is doomed.

    A small tent, labeled Ghost Train, has young indentical girls marching out of the tent.

    In jail, Mr. Toad tells the police can't keep him there and he has friends in high places and that they will take over the city.

    A hot rod-style car is driving down the road with Phosphorous Rex in the passenger seat.

    The Batmobile is flying through Gotham. Inside, Damian is telling Dick that he needs to earn his respect because he isn't his father. Dick tells him to lose the attitude because he can still give the Robin job back to Tim Drake. He tells the Batmobile to hover and the two of them jump out and glide down towards Gotham City Police Headquarters. He says: "This is it. Batman and Robin. Together again for the first time."

    On top of Gotham City Police Headquarters, Commissioner Gordon turns on the Batsignal. An officer comes up and tells Gordon and another officer that Mr. Toad said he saw Batman and Robin in a flying Batmobile. Gordon tells him that they can hope. One of the officers says it's been months and the other says that means he's never coming back. Gordon says it's worth a try. Batman and Robin glide down.

    In front of Gotham City Police Headquarters, Phosphorous Rex gets out of the car and starts screaming for help. The police think he is on fire and try to help him. He then tricks them and begins choking the two officers.

    In the home of Niko, he is packing up his stuff. His daughter, Sasha, asks him why he's packing since he told her that they will make a new life. He tells her that after escaping from Batman, he needs to get away from Gotham City. Lev knocks on the door and Niko opens it. The group of girls are holding Lev up. Sasha asks who the girls are. They knock out Niko.

    Later, Niko is tied to the table and Pyg is standing over him. He tells Niko that he wants him to feel every moment of his transformation. He says that Niko betrayed him, but Niko says he doesn't even know who he is. Pyg puts a fuming deformed face onto Niko's. The girls hand a saw to Pyg and he says he will make Niko perfect. The girls force Sasha to watch. Pyg says that Sasha will be next.


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    Ribbit! 0

    Finally! I review a monthly comic before it becomes a paperback!So the new Dynamic Duo has appeared after the months passed after Bruce Wayne's fake death. Plus, they got a flying Batmobile! Who needs a Batplane when you got that?Anyway, I was interested in reading this because of the premise, and I'm neutral with Morrison. The last thing I read by him was Batman R.I.P, and while I didn't hate it, I didn't like all of it enough to prevent me from getting my money back. (Some parts in the middle ...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    The dynamic duo !!!!!! 0

    well wot can i say i love grant morrison and frank quitely!!!!!this comic has become one of my favourite so far!!!!!!! grant morrison creates a very good introduction of the the characters. Dick grayson is becoming one of my favourite batman related characters and for some strange reason damian is becoming one of my favourite characters as well even though he is not very popular with lots of people right at the moment... so i gave it a 5 out of 5, just to add to that the art is looksing good too...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Good Comic Or Gimmick? 0

    Originally posted on June 3, 2009.  Something that I haven't made obvious, I'm a big fan of Batman.  Now we have the "death" of Bruce Wayne.  Is this all a gimmick just to get readers riled up and to launch a new series?  We know (most likely) that Bruce will return someday.  What will this new 'era' bring us?  Is it possible that this will be the new status quo?  Remember, there was quite some time when Dick Grayson was Robin.  Eventually he abandoned that identity.  There's no way he'd go back...

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.
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