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    The BATMAN 80-PAGE GIANT features can't-miss action from some of today's premiere up-and-coming talent working on your favorite characters! It's the biggest blizzard of the year, and everyone in Gotham City is doing what they can to help. Find out what Batman, Robin, Alfred, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Veil, Poison Ivy and more get up to when snow brings Gotham City to a standstill!

    Fire and Ice- Batman(Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne) patrol Gotham during an intense blizzard. During their patrol they stop thugs from robbing an old woman, looters stealing TVs, and a father from trying to kill an other man. The last one almost kills Batman, but his son stops him, almost getting killed in the process. This event makes the man rethink his life and actions during the blizard.

    Pure as the Driven Snow- Alfred picks up a prostitute named Rose. He feeds her, takes her out to a night ball and gives her new clothing. The next day he gives her a bus ticket out of Gotham and the life she wishes to leave behind.

    The Hero of Orphan Alley- Three friends who live in Orphan Alley come to the conclusion that Batman is in fact Batmen. So they decide to be come costume heroes and protect the people of Orphan Alley. They stop a armed robbery, but two nights later they are attacked by Killer Croc. Croc kills one of them and scares the other two, forcing them to decide whether they should continue to be heroes or not.

    Reveiled- Millicent Mayne saves a man's life and he teaches her that Gotham needs her aide.

    No Two Alike- Catwoman hunts down La Reine de la Niege, also known as The Snow Queen, but along the way she meets,Wilson and Fiona, an elderly couple caught out in the blizzard. She takes Fiona to the hospital where she learns that the couple have been hiding underground for years. After Fiona passes away, Catwoman takes Wilson home. Along the way The Snow Queen confronts Catwoman and gives her the jewels that Catwoman has been after. Catwoman then gives the jewels to Wilson out of respect for his loss.

    The Wilt- Poison Ivy is caught out in the blizzard. She barely survives by finding somewhere warm and laying roots. After a while she believes it to be spring, but when she ventures out is has only been three days and the blizzard has worsen. Luckily she is picked up by the Gotham Police and taken back to Arkham.

    What Falls Below- Commissioner Gordon tries to track down the escaped Mr. Freeze. He finds him at the ice rink, where Freeze gives him an option, let Freeze walk around during the storm and he would turn himself in. Gordon almost takes him up on the idea but arrests him anyway.

    Snow Patrol-Batman catches Man-Bat during the blizzard.


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    Are The 80 Pagers Back? Nice Series of Shorts! 0

    Not since the Silver Age have I seen an 80 page giant, especially that which has my favorite superhero Batman, though interestingly he does not have a lot to do in this issue.  Many supporting characters get their shot at the spotlight, even one I haven't heard of.    All the stories deal with handling a blizzard in Gotham, as a running theme.  The city is shut down.  Now what?  Fire & Ice, writer Kevin Grevioux, inker nelson Asencio.  Batman (not Wayne, long story for those not in the know)...

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