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Batman's History



I got this issue on a whim. I saw the cover and saw Red Robin, Bruce, Robin, and Dick on the cover and knowing it was the last issue for this series I decided to pick it up. So, I thought the cover was pretty great.


Damian tells a story about the history of the Bat family.

Best Part

The best way to end this series was explaining what went on for 713 issues. There was so much that has happened, a lot of changes and a lot of people who had come and go through the Bat family.  Reminding us of that for this issue I thought had been better than having a big battle. This is a great issue for people who want to learn more about Batman or just remember all the accomplishments the Bat family had made.

Worst Part

For people who wanted a lot to happen in this issue than you might want to skip this issue because for a big Batman fan they are already telling everything you know just in a more poetic way.


I liked the change of the art through out all the years. It was much lighter art for the beginning of Bruce’s career to now. I am glad that they showed that in the art for this issue.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 ½ out of 5

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