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You are Tearing Me Apart Two-Face!

As the cover states. Two-Face returns and goes on a killing rampage, only to meet a man who wants revenge.

The Good

For the first time since he started writing for the book instead of doing the art, I actually liked a Tony Daniel story. This issue involves Two-Face and what's left of the Falcone family. From what it seems like, because of something in the spoiler section below, this is going to be a story that drags Two-Face, once again, between the world of crime and vigilantism. A solid conclusion to the start of a new story.

Spoilers: Highlight the blacked out area if you REALLY want to ruin it for yourself.

At first, I hated the reveal at the end, which had Gilda Dent, Harvey's ex-wife, shooting the tied-up Two-Face. After rereading the issue, I really enjoyed the conclusion. Hopefully, Two-Face is still alive, since he was just "killed off" last year in Batman: Streets of Gotham because Two-Face on a revenge rampage would be pretty cool.

The Bad

I'm still very skeptical about the story because of the things mentioned in the spoiler area. At the same time, this felt like a lot of the other Batman issues I've read in the past: Bad guy does something, Batman searches for the bad guy, big reveal involving the bad guy on the last page.

The Verdict

While I did enjoy the first issue of this new story, it felt like a lot of the same stuff I've been reading in Batman for years. There's a re-introduction to a new character and a big reveal at the end. The writing and art kept me satisfied, so did the story, but I'm still a bit skeptical about the issue. I'd recommend it highly to Two-Face fans. It's a must read for you guys. To everyone else, I say pick it up with caution.

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