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The Bat and Bird Chase

Batman #705 is written and penciled by Tony Daniel and continues the story we saw in issue #704 with part two of "Eye of the Beholder." 

The Good

What did I enjoy? Well, it's a good staring point if you haven't been reading Batman, and demonstrates early on that you need not have read the last issue/first part of this new story arc to understand the second part. In this new story, Batman ( Dick Grayson) has encountered a mysterious young heroine ( Peacock) facing off against Sensei. Dick quickly resolves to aid Peacock in the rescue of her brother Luki. If you're a fan of Dick Grayson as Batman, then you'll really appreciate this issue because he is the only Batman in this Batman comic. If you enjoy Batman dishing out witty commentary and a sense of humor, then you're sure to love this. 

The Bad

I should get this out of the way first; I'm not crazy about Dick Grayson as Batman. I feel like he's not as good or interesting as Bruce Wayne. I also have a really hard time getting comfortable with the idea that Batman is telling really bad jokes through that cape and cowl- and there's a lot of joke telling in this issue; maybe a little too much. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  
Batman insists on following around this Peacock character even though she refuses to reveal to him what Sensei wants with her brother Luki. I understand that this tactic of having the "Bat" chase the "Bird" could be to create drama and suspense, but it kind of makes Batman look silly. Would Batman really agree to help a complete stranger when he knows nothing about her? I'm not convinced. 
Another thing that really bothered me (and maybe I am nit-picking) but there is a scene where Peacock notes that this Batman "isn't the actual Batman." So...she knows this how? Was there a moment somewhere in Batman's history where she and Batman became well acquainted and I just missed it? How does she know what the actual Batman would sound and act like? 

The Verdict- 2 out of 5

I hate to say this, but this didn't feel like a Batman comic to me. I felt there may have been too many jokes and plot holes, but like I said, it's not a bad jumping on point, especially if you dig Dick as Batman.

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