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Review: Batman #702

The Story

 R.I.P. The Missing Chapter, Part Two: The story opens up where Final Crisis started with the murder of Orion.  The JLA’ers of this particular time have been assembled and can be seen evaluating the cosmic level threat involving the New Gods and the Gods of Apokolips which is taking place.  Batman examines the God Bullet that Darkseid fired through time that ended up killing Orion.  Batman then proceeds to fill in some gaps throughout the issue with his internal-monologue, and with a re-telling of events that lead up to his subsequent disappearance.

The Good

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Let's see where should I start, how about the sheer epicness of the reveals in this issue?! Well first, I know people will probably have a problem with the delayed nature of these reveals in the grand scheme of things, and it's rightfully so considering Final Crisis seems like it was ages ago. All that aside; it seems rather mute when you consider just the sheer genius of everything. Morrison definitely doesn't disappoint; his grasp on the internal-monologue and the strong themes in the issue never seemed to cease captivating. 
Morrison has somehow crafted a tale that rivals "The Odyssey" in essence at least, this is very apparent in the tone and in the details also eerily so with the psychological effects of "The Death that is Life". Morrison's layout of this torture greater then "death" explains so much at this crucial point in the overall story, and regardless of how long the primary reference material came out; this issue is such a crucial read.Now as far as Daniel’s artwork goes; it get's the job done, sometimes way more then other times, and yet the colors maintain this just stunning richness throughout  the issue. 

The Bad

Let's see... I really can't think of much, aside from some people thinking this untold story is probably a bit late, then the over complexities of some of the narrative and so incredibly awkward moments at the beginning.

The Verdict: 4.5/5

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All in all, this issue was incredibly solid with some genius writing and relatively strong art. There are a couple ridiculously lines involving non-batman characters but it's ignorable, and only unpleasant for a moment till the story picks up. I definitely recommended this issue, it's a total must read for Batman continuity. This issue is also a good jumping on point, especially for people who've at least read R.I.P. and Final Crisis so issue #701 isn't totally important but yeah regardless totally read it.
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