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Excellent Writing! 1

The story in Batman #702 wasn't exactly something I didn't know from reading Final Crisis.  But the inner dialog for Batman was awesome.  The art was descent but the real star here was the writing.  From the beginning where Batman describes what it's like being Batman in the Justice League to the making of the "God Bullet" to the end.  I can't wait for the rest of the story.  It's incredible.  Even if you've read Final Crisis this is definitely a book to pick up. ...

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Batman Survives. Forever. 2

The Good: I could go on and on about how great this is. I could gush on and on for hours about the glorious artwork of Tony Daniel or the breathtaking story work of Grant Morrison, so I will!Tony Daniel's art is just so completely awesome. Not only does it suit Grant Morrison's story like a glove, it suits Batman like his cape and cowl. It's just amazing. The story isn't so much a story, but a firsthand account of Batman's journey through Final Crisis. It really gets deep down into the core of h...

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Answers are revealed 0

  Pros:  This final chapter of RIP: The Missing Case continues the perspective of Bruce Wayne before he "died". Grant Morrison does a great job in getting into the head of Batman. Throughout this issue, Bruce describes his actions throughout the Final Crisis event. Like with the last issue, Bruce does not take anything for granted. For those who are confused to what Darkseid did to Batman right after he hit him with the Omega Sanction in Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne #2, there's a brief exp...

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Batman's Not-So Last Case 0

In Batman #701, Grant Morrison, along with Tony Daniel, have undertaken bridging the events of Batman RIP along with the final moments of Batman's life in Final Crisis. Amidst the hidden clues that help people understand what's going on in Batman and Robin, and as well in The Return of Bruce Wayne, it does provide a sense of closure to a formerly never-ending fountain of speculations. Now, with Issue #702 taking the finishing touches to the Missing Chapter, can this issue be a proper s...

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Batman #702: Missing Chapters And The Last Case 1

"Humanity Gazes Right Back And Says. GOTCHA." - Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight Detective. The final piece to the puzzle is revealed! As Grant Morrison (Batman And Robin, Return Of Bruce Wayne) teams-up once again with Artist (and sometimes writer) Tony Daniel (Batman R.I.P.). As most know, Bruce Wayne is currently traveling throughout time and space. Before he was sent through time, He was Batman The Dark Knight Of Gotham City. He still is, however the gaps between Batman R.I.P. and Final Cris...

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Batman's Last Case 0

Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel have delivered another awesome book. Grant Morrison's writing is always fantastic and the tradition is continued this month. I don't know how he can write so many different characters in a single book, but I'm really glad he can. Tony Daniel's art is still great, but I can't help noticing how different it is from R.I.P., its still great, but odd. The story for this issue is actually pretty damn good. We now know exactly how the events of the Return of Bruce Wayne c...

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No fan of Morrison but... 0

He actually hits it out of the ballpark in this 'hidden' chapter. I liked it because all the things I was left speculating (after the clean up of 'Final Crisis and R.I.P.) were finally revealed as truth. All my guesses and the conclusions I had come to with the ending of R.I.P. and Final Crisis were justified and rewarded as being correct. With that said; Morrison is a translucent writer. His appeal for vagueness is overwhelming at times.All to often this comes off as theatrics and cheap parlor ...

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Review: Batman #702 1

The Story R.I.P. The Missing Chapter, Part Two: The story opens up where Final Crisis started with the murder of Orion.  The JLA’ers of this particular time have been assembled and can be seen evaluating the cosmic level threat involving the New Gods and the Gods of Apokolips which is taking place.  Batman examines the God Bullet that Darkseid fired through time that ended up killing Orion.  Batman then proceeds to fill in some gaps throughout the issue with his internal-monologue, and with...

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interesting art with a fairly interesting story 0

now i got into batman comics kinda in the middle of the death of bruce wayne storyline so i was interested when this storyline was put out. would i finlly get a better idea on the things i missed? the answer is kinda.  i enjoyed this and the chapter before it. first of all i really like the art. shadding a colours were great. add grant morrision and it cant be bad right? right.  it was definitly an interesting couple issues which gave more backround on the current storyline and to get me even mo...

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