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Closer to 700

I have to say Tony Daniel as a writer has grown on me.  
Some people prefer him just drawing, but this story arc has been vastly entertaining.
The issue starts with Damien uttering the perfect words for his character.  "Epic Fail!"  He finds Dick in Gotham Harbor after an apparent beat-down.  He's got gunshots in the Kevlar Tunic, scratches on his face.  One of the lenses of his cowl completely out.  He's completely disoriented.  We get a flashback to 9 hours before where Batman takes on 4 GCPO's with the Gasmask on, which can only mean bad news for Dick.  The Penguin is speaking in the "Boxes." Flasforward to right after the Harbor scene, Dick and Damien are in the Batmobile, and Damien is trying to get information from Dick and it doesn't appear to be working.  We flashback again to 7 hours before and we see Batman attacking the Mayor.  We go back to the batcave where Barbara is bedside Dick trying to get something from him.   Reguardless the pieces of the story come together and we find out how Dick got to look like how he did in the first couple pages and what he plans to do next.  It may sound like a lot of back and forth in the review but in the context of the book it makes logical sense.  Overall I really enjoyed this and I assume this is the back end of this story arc which has been amazing.  
The art is as usual amazing.  I can't wait to see what happens in the conclusion of this 6-part story arc.  The Batman book has rarely let me down in the past months.  Here's looking to 700


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