Batman #685

    Batman » Batman #685 - Catspaw released by DC Comics on March 2009.

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    A “Faces of Evil” issue starring Catwoman! Continuing from this month’s DETECTIVE COMICS #852, Selina Kyle’s path of vengeance against Hush knows no bounds! After confronting the man responsible for nearly destroying her life, Selina’s wrath propels her into a downward spiral. With Tommy Elliot almost certain to suffer dire consequences, could Catwoman’s humanity be next to perish?

    In Vietnam, Catwoman continues to play with Hush. She's happy to be able to return some of the hurt she suffered at his hands. She latter explains to him how she ended up in the area. She tracked her way to endangered animal poachers. As Catwoman, she managed to worm herself into their operation. But to fully take them down, she needs "Bruce Wayne." She says since the poachers don't know that he's not Bruce, her idea could work. He says he'll go along with her plan in order to get out alive but afterwards, he says he'll get back at her. He leaves with two of her personal aides. When the poachers go after millionaire Bruce Wayne, she'll let the caged animals loose.

    As Catwoman begins releasing the animals, she is discovered by the leader. They begin fighting and she is saved by one of the animals. As Hush continues his escape, he sees Catwoman leaving in a helicopter most likely paid for with his money. He then offers to pay the two aides fifty thousand each to help him track her down. They tell him he can't afford them as they reveal themselves to be Nightwing and Robin. They explain how there were able to follow his trail as "Bruce." Hush decides to try to defeat them and take his chances in the jungle with his wounds. He doesn't stand a chance. Because he looks like Bruce, they can't put him in jail or Arkham. He is now their prisoner in a private penthouse at Wayne Tower.



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    Take that good sir! (Pick of the week is back!) 0

    A simple issue that was fun to read an full of vengeful goodness. I thought Hush was one of the worst conceived villains up until R.I.P. rolled around where he removed Catwoman's heart. At that point, I considered him a threatening part of Batman's extensive rogue gallery. This issue Catwoman gets her revenge, kind of. Dini is one of my favorite writers at DC, and the guy really knows how to tell a story that fits into one single issue. He has a Golden Age writing style, minus all the exposition...

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    The True Ending to Heart of Hush 0

    This is the true ending to the Heart of Hush series (Which I think is one of the greatest Batman stories to have come out)Paul Dini proves that nobody knows how to handle DC comic book characters like him. This book is written to perfection and is probably the greatest ways to have end the Heart of Hush story arc. The comic also has a ending I honestly didn't expect coming, and the final lines spoken by Hush is a great way to show the inner psychosis of the character. +Hush is a schemer and is o...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Dini pwns Morrison 0

    While this isn't a groundbreaking story by any means, it's more enjoyable than any issue of Batman that I've read for the past several months. Dini seems like a writer of legend to me already and he's not anywhere near retirement age. I would choose his work over Morrison's any day! As inferiorego stated, Hush has become a more appreciable character since RIP but even there Bats was up against Hush and the Black Glove and the Joker still running loose. This story has more focus than RIP or The B...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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