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    Little Spoilers...

    As much as I fear the end result of the story, it does seem to be looking to be the start of something pretty incredible. I had my doubts about reading the first issue and taking the journey with Morrison that would inevitably be the end to my absolute all time favorite hero, but I'm trying really hard to look past that. If you love the bat, (or don't) this was, in my opinion, a good issue overall. If you are expecting to see him die, he doesn't/ Buy the issue that comes out in August.

    Overall the artwork was incredible and aspects of the story gave an in into the character of Bruce Wayne, and glimpses of his relationships that single him out as being much softer than we are normally used to seeing him.

    Pick up this story, (if you can still find it,) it's a great one.

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      OK, I decided to give this a look. So I bought the deluxe edition. I have one question.What the heck happened to the Joker!? He's...different. And with no explanation! And did he just slaughter a bunch of people or was that a dream or something? What happened!? Will they explain? Or will I have to buy another book?Other than that, not much happens here. Bats and Robin take down a lame criminal and go home. Robin talks with Alfred to talk about how Bats might be losing it and needs to take a brea...

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      Only Morrison (Spoilers) 0

      Out of all of those whom have ever written for Batman, Grant Morrison is the most suited man to write Batman R.I.P. With that said, this is one of the greatest issues of Batman I have ever read. As soon as you open the cover of this issue you are greeted with a very memorable piece of art with Batman standing while Robin crouches beneath. Both standing in an aggressive pose with Batman screaming, "You're Wrong! Batman and Robin will NEVER die!" It carries on, giving small glimpses of the B...

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