Batman #673

    Batman » Batman #673 - Joe Chill in HELL released by DC Comics on March 2008.

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    In the wake of Ra's al Ghul's recent resurrection, Batman's body lies near death in a heart-stopped coma. Meanwhile, his delirious mind travels back to a defining adventure in the life of young Bruce Wayne...the hunt for his parents' killer! This special flashback tale also revisits Batman's life-changing Thogal ritual in the caves of Nanda Parbat!

    Flashback to Batman's Thogal ritual, he thinks back to the killer of his parents.

    Joe Chill sits in a room surrounded by armed men. He's on edge and asks them if he's safe there. He goes on to the men that in his day, the streets were different. They didn't have costumed bad guys and each had to survive on their own. One of the men tries telling him to relax. If there is a Batman, they'll take care of him if he tries coming. Joe keeps rambling and says he should have taken out the kid too. He says he couldn't because he was like his boy, that he lost.

    He keeps talking then looks up in shock. All his men are knocked out and a mask lies where one of them stood. Batman has been there and is now in costume behind him. He laughs as Joe calls for more men. Batman gets away, still laughing.

    Scenes change as a young Bruce Wayne discovers bats flying out of a well on their property. A funeral with those close to him carrying a coffin (with Bruce Wayne no where in sight). Bat-Mite talks to him.

    Back to Batman and Joe Chill. Batman holds a gun to his head. He tells him that Thomas Wayne died from the first bullet to his chest. Martha could have survived if she didn't have a weak heart and an ambulance could have gotten to her before she lost too much blood. He tells Joe that he brought back his gun. He left one bullet in it. He gives it to him and tells him it's his. Joe is confused then realizes that he's the one that created Batman. If the other "bad guys" found out, they'd kill him without mercy. He says he can't live like that. Batman stands out on the roof as a lone gunshot is heard.

    Batman is wondering why he's thinking about all of this. Thogal happened last year. He asks when did he die. He realizes that he had a heart attack on the roof of the GCPD. He's been saved and brought back to life. Looking up to see who it is, it turns out he's strapped to an old chair and Sleeper is dressed in a bat-costume standing over him with a drill in his hand.



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