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Not a comicbook... a short story. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE

Let me just start off by saying that this is not a comicbook, it's a short story. With that said, it is incredibly important here to change your perspective when reading this issue. 
Now for one thing, this short story with pictures concept was really new and really innovative.This medium of storytelling really allows us to get into the minds of the different Batman characters such as the Joker for example. We learn how they think, how they feel, their motives. We can be placed inside of their shoes in a way that was previously unatainable through the comicbook medium. So essentially, writing a short story rather than a comicbook which mainly moves plot along through dialog, can give us a brand new perspective and display a completely new type of story. 
So as expected, we get tons of stuff here that we've never seen before. We can get into the minds of the characters and see things in a precise detail that we can't get from comicbooks. So that's totally a plus. 
On the negative side of things however, this medium makes for a very slow story and to an extent, I actually got bored. The story in this book could have easily been told in 1/3 the amount of pages if it were done in a comicbook format rather than a short story format. So things are slow, and very dragged out. 
But as I said earlier, there are still many plus sides to writing books in this format. So you have positives and negatives. 
I can't jugde the art here because there were only a few images. All of these images were strangely computer generated. The Joker looked like something out of a video game and HarleyQuin looked like some sort of glass doll from an antique shop. 
And unfortunatally, I can't jugde the writing either. This type of storytelling was far too unconventional and really shouldn't be reviewed as a comic. Frankly, I don't even classify this story as a comic. 
So even though you see a half star in my rating, I actually give this NO RATING. Simularly to Wensday comics, I can't judge this comicbook the way that comicbooks are judged. It's far too distant from the regular installments of this medium. 
There are good things and there are bad things but overall, here's what it comes down to. 
If you're a Joker fan... you DEFINITALLY need to see this book.

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