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Note: this story was written in prose with some illustrations.

At a cemetary, eight of the Joker's former henchmen attend a funeral which ends with them all dying from toxic flowers. Batman, suspecting the Joker, investigates and finds a bloody Joker card at the scene.

The Joker is still locked in Arkham Asylum after being shot in the face by a Batman impersonator. He has undergone massive surgery and electro-shock treatments. As Batman confronts a bandaged Joker, he asks him who he's working with. Batman soon discovers that he has been working with a speech therapist whom Batman suspects is really Harley Quinn.

Harley has been carrying out the Joker's plan to be reborn. Part of that plan involves killing off his former henchmen. Batman finds Harley but she manages to escape.

Back at Arkham, the Joker manages to escape. Removing his bandages, he appears to do some surgery of his own. His face is now stitched into a permanent smile. Harley arrives and informs Joker that Batman will soon be there as he wished. It seems the plan was for Batman to be killed at midnight. As Batman walks in, the true plan was for all of Joker's henchmen to die, including Harley. Batman was just to be there to witness.

Saddened by the Joker's attempt to kill her, Harley breaks free of his grasp. Apologizing for breaking his arm while escaping, the Joker forgives her but insists she look more like he does as he holds a blade to her face. Harley tells him to do it if that's what he wants.

Batman and Joker fight. Batman puts down the Joker with a single punch. He is then shot by Harley who tells him, "You gotta stop ignoring me, Mistah Jay."

Joker is seemingly dragged back to his padded cell.

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