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Batman ’66 #27 Review –“When You’re Cooling System Causes an Ice Age!”


Since the last time I reviewed this series, it was in a bumpy road but it eventually get back on track at the time of False-Face. So, if you dropped the series, I recommend you jump back on. It’s definitely got the digital features and humor it’s been missing. They have featuring almost every single character that has appeared in the TV series even the obscure ones like Zelda and King Tut and a few new additions have been hinted like Batwoman and Batgirl (Bette Kane). But now the focus has switched to major villains like Mr. Freeze and it has loads of fun ice puns. It’s a pretty good issue that worth jumping on to. Also, be on the lookout for future releases of Batman ’66 DVD’s coming in the near future.


Mr. Freeze has sold a new cooling system across millions which, has caused an ice age and it’s up Batman and Robin to stop him.

The Good

This issue was pretty good. It was very reminiscence of the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Freeze puns in new ways. They were absolutely funny and hilarious and it really lived up to the original ones. So, I think you will enjoy this issue and the next one if you like this version of Mr. Freeze. There is also great use of the digital features that gives off a nice cooling effect. You will see an interesting Mr. Freeze origin story that’s quite different than you expected in a good way.

The Bad

I kind of have mixed feelings about the art. Most of it is good in the first half but then when it features Batman and Robin their face structures look weird and odd. I really didn’t like the way it looks, it gives off a really weird face expression on them that looks different than the previous art. But other than that, the art is pretty good.


I give this issue a 4.5/9.5 out of 5/10 stars. It’s a very good issue that will give you tons of laughs. This issue will definitely be a fun read. The only disappointment is the art being a little rough or sort of bad. But I think you should pick this up! It’s a great jumping on point that establishes a new story arc for new readers and it looks like the series will be in a good ride for quite a while.

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