Batman #562

    Batman » Batman #562 - Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington: 3 The Devil His Due! released by DC Comics on February 1999.

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    Gotham City is shut down after pleas for its rehabilitation fail. Now, there is a massive exodus of people but not all are allowed to leave.

    With political support, Gotham City is shut down and a citywide evacuation is ordered by the government. People are given 48 hours to leave and massive crowds fill all exits. Anyone with criminal connections are barred from leaving but Killer Croc still makes an attempt.

    As Oracle watches the news, Bruce Wayne and Mayor Grange discuss Gotham's fate. Unknown to them, Scratch hired an assassin to eliminate Bruce. However, the mayor is killed instead. A furious Scratch sends his own men to finish the job.

    Over at Gotham, at the same time, Commissioner Gordon meets with the coroner after examining one of Scratch's captured men. As bridges are destroyed, people are in a hurry to leave and Oracle decides to stay behind. The criminally insane resent their isolation and make plans of their own.

    In Washington, congress prepares to officially declare Gotham "dead" but Bruce Wayne is absent.


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