Batman #556

    Batman » Batman #556 - Help, Trapped, Money, Rescue, Ruins released by DC Comics on July 1998.

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    The "Aftershock" leaves people all across Gotham trapped by the effects of the earthquake. Some are good, some bad, and Batman is determined to rescue them all. Meanwhile, Nightwing, Alfred, Robin, and Harold wrestle with the problem of rebuilding Wayne Manor and the Batcave.

    While cleaning up Wayne Manor, Tim raises a question for Bruce regarding his comment about commitment. Bruce contemplates on Tim's sacrifices as his partner. The conversation is interrupted by Alfred and Dick's arrival.

    Alfred proposes to move the cave's content - objects that could expose Bruce's secret - be removed to allow for the manor's renovation. Batman sets off to rescue people trapped inside a vault in the First Federal Bank. As it turns out, the men trapped inside are escaped prisoners from Blackgate trying to rob the bank.

    At the WayneCorp building, Bruce is in a meeting with executives and Jolene Relazzo the seismologist. He asks about how WayneCorp is helping Gotham recover through its resources, facilities, and equipment.

    In another part of town, police are trying to convince a tenant to move out of a condemned building but refuses to do so. Batman tries to convince him and just as the ceiling collapses, gets him out of harm's way.

    Just before dawn, Bruce walks with Vesper and discusses how the city is doing. She consoles him from the despair happening around. As Bruce leaves, he asks her not to let the city's spirit down.


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