gonzovg's Batman #543 - Faceless, Part 2: Postmarked Murder review

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Short but fun.

This comic book is the second part of "Faceless". A story about a serial killer who scalps the face of his victims.

I really enjoyed reading it. The story is short but interesting. According to me, it could be more extensive. I would love to know more about the killer.

My favorite part could be the way how batman resolves the mistery using his deduction. Other thing I really like it was the personality and the main idea that the writer gave to the serial killer.

The art is just amazing. I like so much the drawings. From my point of view, they are perfect with the plot of the story.

This comic book is well written and it´s easy to read. You should give it a try. If you can find a copy of this comic book anywhere, don´t hesitate to read it.

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