Batman #512

    Batman » Batman #512 - Prodigal Part 1: Robin and Batman released by DC Comics on November 1994.

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    "Prodigal" part 1! Bruce Wayne has once again relinquished the role of the Dark Knight. Now a new Batman must show he is up to the task as his first adventure pits him against Killer Croc, who is again on the loose and plotting revenge against a Batman he's never met! Continued in BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #32.

    Prodigal Part 1: Robin and Batman

    Bruce, Dick, and Tim are standing in the Batcave. Bruce tells Dick that he needs him to step in as Batman for a while because he needs to leave town and take care of some things. Dick asks if he’s sure and Bruce tells him that he is. Dick seems a bit nervous.

    At the Gotham River, a bum is drinking a beer, when suddenly Killer Croc sneaks up on him and pulls him underwater. Only bloody water is seen when Killer Croc comes up with his arm healed. He swims towards Gotham City.

    At Wayne Manor, Dick and Tim walk through the house talking about how weird it is for Alfred to be gone. Dick has a flashback to when he was a kid and was spying on one of Bruce’s dinner parties and Alfred tells him to go to sleep. Tim says that he’s hungry and Dick cooks them both up some food.

    At the bridge, Mayor Krol and Commissioner Gordon are talking about whether or not there are two Batmen.

    On top of Police Headquarters, Dick and Tim meet with Gordon as Batman and Robin. He gives them a file for a crime involving an aquatic predator with bite marks that don’t match any known animal. He then goes on to ask which Batman he’s talking to. They quickly leave.

    Back at the Batcave, Dick and Tim are looking on the Bat-Computer for matches for this aquatic predator. They find nothing. Tim then suggests that it could be Killer Croc, not some animal. During a flashback, Tim watches Bane and Killer Croc fight each other in the sewer. Dick tells Tim that they‘re going to go after Croc.

    At the river, Killer Croc attacks two thugs in the docks area. He kills one of them. Dick and Tim get into a speedboat owned by WayneTech. They refer to Bruce as “Dad.” Croc interrogates the other thug and gets the info he needs. He then kills the thug. Dick and Tim race to reach Croc in the speedboat. Robin flashes back to their team-up during Jean-Paul’s time as Batman. Dick then flashes back to his time as Robin and fighting Two-Face. They quickly reach the dock where Croc is at. Croc attacks another thug. Dick tells him to stop. Croc throws the guy into the water and Tim goes to rescue him. Dick and Croc go head to head but Dick doesn’t seem to be able to take Croc down. Tim tries to help him out by hitting him with his staff. Mr. Paretti and three thugs arrive just in time to attack Croc, Dick, and Tim. Croc tries to hit Tim but misses because Tim jumped off the ledge onto the platform below. The thugs rush through the door to that platform and begin shooting at Tim. Croc attempts to squeeze Dick to death. Tim throws a batarang at the thugs in hopes it will disarm them. Dick gets out of the death squeeze. Tim takes out most of the thugs in a few moves. Dick captures Croc in a net and has a crane lift him up high. Tim misses one of the thugs but Dick warns him and Tim takes out the last one quickly. Dick tells Tim to call the cops and an ambulance because one of the thugs shot at the net and hit Croc. They leave in the speedboat.

    At Police Headquarters, Commissioner Gordon and Sarah Essen are talking. Gordon is worried because there is now a third Batman.

    Back at the Batcave, Tim praises Dick for a good job on his first case as Batman. Dick becomes worried because he thinks he’s bitten off more than he can chew.



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