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You Can't Trick Me! I Invented All The Tricks!

It's my favorite week of the month which can only mean one thing; a new issue of Batman came out this week. Once again Scott Snyder has managed to deliver an enticing issue that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

I admit I was a little skeptical about possibility this issue may not live up to the expectations I have for this series. The cliffhanger last issue was a little weird; Batman falling into a labyrinth. I was wondering for an entire month how Snyder would play this out. He didn't disappoint. What's making this series so much fun is that Batman is facing a threat unlike any he's faced before. And while that's a common phrase to hear in comics, it holds true here. The Court Of Owls poses a significant threat, one that may go back in Gotham's history farther than Batman would care to admit. We see a battered and defeated Batman in the depths of the labyrinth searching for a way out. He stumbles upon an enormous owl statue that is also a fountain. Knowing the water could be drugged, he drinks from it anyways.  This is when things get real interesting and Snyder begins to play with your mind. Batman experiences some shocking hallucinations that display his character in different light. All this is occurring while Talon watches from the shadows. The ending of the issue will certainly leave you feeling more than one way.

Greg Capullo continues to impress me more each issue. The innovation he brings to the series is phenomenal. He continues to step his game up every issue by creating new and exciting ways of visually telling the story. The colors by FCO Plascencia really grab you as well. It wouldn't be right to not mention the work he's done on this series so far. He's a great compliment to Capullo's pencils. The underground designs of the labyrinth were stunning and the final page of Batman and Talon was chilling. 

This was another great issue from Snyder and Capullo that takes you on a trippy ride full of surprising twists. It's a real page turner that leaves you anticipating next months issue already. Snyder definitely gives you a lot to ponder. This first story arc is shaping up to be one of the best Batman stories ever and one you surely won't want to miss out on.  

Rating: 5/5

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