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Capullo steals the show.

Art: Phenomenal art. Greg Capullo has really given Batman it's own identity with his sketchy, vivid and haunting pencils. You could say it's a slight fault with the other 3 Batman titles (Batman & Robin less so), that they don't really stand out with their own unique art style. This issue is all about Capullo's work as he immerses you into Bruce's psychedelic trip and almost makes you as dissorietated as he is. The crazy eye, the shredded cape, the never ending maze really show how bad a situation Batman has found himself.

Plot: Batman has lost it. Entangled for days in a never ending maze Bruce is psychologically crushed as he struggles to come to terms that his influential grip on Gotham is not as tight as he thought. The Court of Owls are always watching and they plan to make this experience as traumatic and as painful as possible.

Wow that was some heavy stuff! I've really enjoyed the Court of Owls as villains. They're shrouded in complexity and mystery and really pushing Batman to the limit. The issue was extremely effective in illustrating how bad a predicament he is in and the last few pages were just wrenching. I found Bruce's blubbering a little annoying by the end and I don't quite think this is the defining issue of the series but make no mistake this series has not dropped the ball since its release. I really can't wait to see how Batman escapes this one because he is in a baaaad way.


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