Batman #496

    Batman » Batman #496 - Die Laughing released by DC Comics on July 1993.

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    The issue starts off with Batman walking away from a fiery fight with the Firefly. On the next page, it shows the Scarecrow and the Joker watching the news, arguing over what to do with their hostage Mayor Krol, the mayor of Gotham, who is in shock because of Scarecrows Fear Gas. They soon decide to use the Mayor to lure Batman to the Gotham river tunnels. The scene changes to Harvey Bullock and a couple other cops, outside the Mayors Mansion, waiting for a Bomb Squad to scope out the home. Harvey becomes impatient, and begins to open the Mayors rigged door, when Batman swoops down just in time to save Bullock from the explosions. Batman is soon gone and on his way to the Gotham river tunnel, where the Joker and Scarecrow riding in an ice cream truck with the mayor, are trying to escape the police. The villains get out of there vehicle with the mayor, and it explodes, killing a couple Gotham police. The joker fires a heat seeking missile to a semi-truck, and the truck explodes, causing more chaos. The villains go to a phone booth, and call Commissioner Gordon. The Mayor tells Gordon to send the National Guard to the tunnels. The villains soon flee, but Batman is not far. After defeating the Scarecrow, and being sprayed with his Fear Gas, Batman seeks revenge on the Joker, for the death of Jason Todd, the second robin. After shooting a machine gun at the tunnels, the villains again flee, and leave Batman to deal with the flooding tunnel, and with the Mayor.


    • Cover dated Early July 1993.
    • Jason Todd and Joker's Crowbar cameo flashback.
    • "DC Universe 9" one page featuring "Victimizing Lobo", "DC Bullets", "Do You Have Superpowers?" and "How to Draw: Guy Gardner"
    • Part 10 continues in Detective Comics #663.

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