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Tale of Two Cities

Buildings in the city of Gotham are being imploded and nobody can make a connection as to why it's happening.
When I read this, I wasn't sure what the intro story was all about, but it comes back to make sense in the end.  He's stopping some art forgers in the act.  
We find Gordon on the road to recovery... lesson to us all, right?  Stop smoking, eat better, etc.  
I thought this story stood up well for the age of it.  Early 90's story.  I do like the art from this time period.  Still the old style paper and a little campy at times.  Memory lane.  
After two wino's are killed by one of the buildings coming down, Batman kinda loses it and really roughs up some people in a bar trying to get more info.  Sometimes Batman walks that line between right and wrong and this time he's really straddling it.  
I have to say, the part that stinks is this story is continues in "Legends of the Dark Knight" #27. I had when that happens.  Just continue it in Batman #475 for pete's sake!
It's a pretty good story, but I many not come back to it any time soon.  I can't tell you to run out and find a copy of this one.

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