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Batman... Night Monsters

In this issue, there are two storylines.  We find Gordon thinking he could have been like Batman as he's driving to the train station.  He's thinking about his life so far and the choices he's made getting here.  He seems in poor health, smoking, coughing, eating greasy food, etc.  I thought this was an interesting look into the personal life of Gordon... how he spends his time away from the job.  He's human, he's prone to some vices and at times in the issue, looking like he's on a one way road to Heartattacksville.  I liked this part of the story.  I don't know that much about Gordon and liked how he's gotten the way he his.  More or less married to his job and not taking good care of himself.
In the other storyline, a girl is going into an abandoned building with a broken doll.  She's leaving it there for "Fixxit".  He fixes toys for the children in the neighborhood.   After she does not come home, her father marches out to find her, thinking he knows where she is and what's happened to her.  He's forming an angry mob and Batman doesn't stand a chance of stopping them with good sense.  It shows us once again how a mob can be motivated by fear and emotion without looking at the facts.  Of course, if it were my daughter, I might be liable to go off half cocked as well.
Good story, not great.  I'll hang onto this issue and might come back to it again some day.


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