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We get to see Tim.

Well this issue gives us an introduction to Tim's character. Albeit he is a bit different from today's version. We learn that Tim had a close relationship with Dick before Dick's parents were murdered. Just read the issue, there is also a tense moment when Tim asks Dick that he should go back to being Robin. But we all know what really happens. There is also a scene where we see how obsessed and I mean more scarier Batman has become. When Two Face kidnaps two young boys and sets them to be blown up over a bridge while he goes to rob a casino containing 2 million dollars. Batman knew he might go there but instead of asking Dick or Gordon for help he tries to do both himself. Two Face also seems to be a bit more insane I mean he was talking to a radio, for crying out loud, but at the end it turns out the radio was kind of a two way communicator and someone has actually teamed up with Two Face to get " rid of the big, bad, bats". I'm not sure what he really said but that's what I'm sure that's what he meant. I remember the bat's or batty part.

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    If there is one really important thing this issue shows us is that Two Face actually spends time planning crimes based on the number two, and wonders how easy batman will regard it. Not only that, but Batman stands around thinking how to trick Two face into going after something he has to offer. I dont know if it is the most contrived scene I have ever encountered, but it actually does have to happen for the books we have seen to be puled off.That is one scene, and there are others in the book. ...

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