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The issue starts with Batman and Superman talking to CIA agent Ralph Bundy about the Joker's diplomatic status. The CIA agent Bundy tries to get Batman to leave the Joker alone, but Batman won't listen and he leaves. Batman shows up at the Joker's hotel room and during their talk the Joker confirms that he killed Jason. He also says he's going to do something at the UN. The Joker pulls a gun, but Batman is already gone. The next night at the UN the Joker tries to poison the audience but Superman is there and he sucks up all the poison and flies out of the room to release it. The Joker activates bombs that have been placed under some of the seats to set up some cover for his escape. Unluckily for him, Batman jumps out of the audience and pursues him. They reach the Joker's escape helicopter and Batman jumps on board. In the battle on the helicopter the Joker is shot and the helicopter crashes. Batman jumps out into the water before it crashes and Superman rescues him from the water. Batman tells Superman to find the Joker's body, but he knows it won't be found.

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