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Early in the morning Detective Gordon is called to a hostage crisis. He arrives just in time to prevent the hot-head Branden from leading a S.W.A.T Team raid that will surely end in disaster. Single-handedly, he manages to take out the bad guy, making him a hero in all the papers.

But, James Gordon's heroism is soon eclipsed by 'The Batman' a vigilante who seems to be busting up criminals up the ladder from street level dealers and muggers to distributors to dealers and bosses. But when 'The Batman' breaks in on a party of bigwigs at the mayor's mansion and threatens them, he becomes Gotham's Public Enemy #1.

'The Batman' has found at least one ally, though, in the form of District Attorney Harvey Dent who's fed up with seeing his witnesses come up dead or missing whenever he tries to go after the big fish.

Can Batman, even with Harvey's help escape the entire Gotham police dragnet?


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Cinematic Techniques Brought To Comics 0

The writing is good. The art is good. But, one of the things that makes Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's four part story arc, 'Batman: Year One' so outstanding, is for the first time in a generation, these comic creators were applying cinematic storytelling techniques to comic books, and the results propel the comic far beyond its contemporaries.  Right from the cover we see this; the use of the semi-silhouette image of Batman in front of a full moon is one of the most ominous and threateni...

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Good 0

The story continues, with Gordon being known as a "hero cop" after single-handedly stopping a hostage situation. The corrupt commissioner is planning on getting rid of him eventually, but the press is on him. Meanwhile, the Batman is now leaving his own mark on crime. With Batman being a vigilante, it's Gordon's job to bring Batman to justice. Even to the point where he sets up fake muggings to trap the Dark Knight. Lucky for Batman, Harvey Dent is on his side and is helping him avoid the traps....

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