Batman #404

    Batman » Batman #404 - Who I am, How I Came To Be. released by DC Comics on February 1987.

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    James Gordon joins the police force of Gotham City, only to find that it's corrupt to it's very core. Bruce Wayne, a millionaire by inheritance returns to Gotham City, only to find it's infested with crime. Both men will stop at nothing to make a difference, Gordon by standing up to the powers-that-be in the G.C.P.D. and Wayne by disguising his appearance and waging a one-man war on crime. Both learn very quickly that the only way they'll succeed is by instilling fear in their enemies.


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    25 Years Later - Still One of the Most Important Comics Ever 0

    When Frank Miller wrote The Dark Knight he did more than tell a great story, he did more than redefine Batman, he did more than revolutionize superhero comics, he elevated an entire medium. Prior to this comic there were great stories targeted to mature audiences (regardless of age), but never before had fans, the media, critics, and the public at large all simultaneously hailed any one comic (or at least the graphic novel collection that included this comic's story arc) as the time comics 'cam...

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    Wow 0

    Wow, this issue is great. It really is.It starts off with both Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne entering Gotham City, both aware of the corruption. Both start trying to do what they can to start fixing it however they can.When Gordon's lack of corruption is evident to his fellow cops, they jump him. They beat him up, but not enough to land him in the hospital. They also threaten his family. Later that night, Gordon returns the favor to his partner, Flass, who was the one who called the other cops to j...

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    How it Started 0

    While this is one of my favorite Batman books I have to say that this was one of the most boring issue by itself. Understanding that this is building everything that is to happen later in the story we have a big story of Bruce Wayne training to become Batman as Gordon adjusts moving to Gotham City. The only big action is Bruce being attacked by street walkers and Gordon being jumped by his fellow GCPD officers. This does have the perfect ending an issue can have with Bruce bleeding on his...

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