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The model of consistency.

Art: I absolutely adore how Greg Capullo draws Batman and it could honestly rank as one of my all time favorite renditions. I like his dark and gritty style. The flashback sequences were done very nicely in a completely different style to the rest of the comic.

Plot: An exhausted and bruised Bruce Wayne unfolds his history with The Court of Owls to Dick Grayson and takes us all the way back to his parents demise and how their death might be linked with the Owls. Batman follows up on a lead only to be once again confronted and bettered by the Talon.

What have we done to deserve the brilliance that is Scott Snyder? I don't know and will not question it. This Batman series just continues to be excellent. The pacing is perfect with each issue pulling back layers of what is turning into be a superb story. This issue is rather just a build up to what is likely to be a huge issue 5 but at the same time, Snyder doesn't let the issue slip and gives us a compelling read.

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