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The Joker's creating a monument to himself and wants Batman to be a part of it.

3 stories - 1 book

Story 1 - Batman "Last Laugh"

The new mayor and police comissioner is keeping Bats on the out. Joker is out of the Asylum, and he has art on his mind. Mount Gotham you say, Batman to be portrayed as splatter art, computer timers, and trick bombs. Watch out Batman of Joker's drugged darts, OH MY, the Joker has the last laugh !!!

Story 2 - Masters of the Universe " Fate is the Killer"

A jovial celebration is interrupted by Zodiac , and He-Man rises to the occasion to be tested. As Skeletor begins to gain his forces to take Grey Skull, Superman is somehow summoned to Eternia to help He-Man. Both Superman and He-Man find themselves at the mercy of Skeletor.

Story 3 - Batman and Robin the Teen Wonder "The Sting ... Batman style"

Robin begins to go out and fight crime on his own when he stumbles across a game of high stakes fraud. Later Bruce gives the go ahead for Robin to wear the Bat outfit. But what is this , Batman (robin) is easily attacked and defeated, and Robin learns a lesson on sharring missions.


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