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    A Perfect Ending to a Near Perfect Story Arc.

    +'s -Batman defeats the Riddler purely through wits.

    -Every emotional beat strikes the right chord, with every character arc rounding off perfectly.

    -Just when you are happy at the everything is awesome feeling, the issue puts you in your place, with a mildly sad event, which truly gives birth to the Batman, someone who we may think can never be happy, doing what he's doing, but who knows that he can never be happier than he is doing what he's doing.

    -While lighting the Bat-Signal was an emotional moment in Batman #0, it is an epic moment in this issue.

    -'s None

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      My review for, Batman #32. Batman and Riddler face off one last time!The GoodA battle of wits!In this issue, Batman and Riddler face off, in a battle of wits! With Gotham City hanging in the balance, Batman has to outsmart the Riddler, before missiles bring Gotham to an end! This is the last issue of the Zero Yearstory arc by writer Scott Snyder, and I believe that he did a great job with testing Batman mentally. I enjoyed seeing Scott Snyder really push Batman, and make him realize that, he won...

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