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  • This series I think is one of the best of New 52. With Scott Snyder's story getting better with every issue.
  • Batman is on the hunt and hunts down different smuggling gangs of Gotham to know who the mystery "owl" man is and why did he try to kill him two days ago.
  • When Bruce asks, Alfred says "Owls are Natural predators of Bats.."..that is a heavy statement.. from that point on, butterflies in my stomach!!!....
  • Batman goes ahead with the investigation and discovers more about "Court of Owls" .. and what a revelation that is at this point!
  • The twist at the end truly proves that owls come down heavy on Bats... All the while I was thinking that the Bat is hunting down the owl but then there comes a shock...
  • Capullo's art: Awesome!!. Better than first and second issues.. I am tired trying to find words to describe the art coming out in this series. No words.
  • Batman's fans will be overwhelmed
  • Value for money, Art, Story, twists in between & at the end: 200%. Pick up this issue. Nothing to disappoint. That's my challenge!!!

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