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Archie Goodwin discusses the history of 3D comic books.

Ego Trip

The Penguin records his confession, to the murder of billionaire Hardiman Twine. The Penguin mails his confession tape to Police Commissioner James Gordon. The Batman's investigation into the escape of four members of his rogues' gallery, leads him to the Gotham Museum of Antiquities. The Batman walks right into the Riddler's trap. The Batman escapes the Riddler's deathtrap. The Riddler leaves behind three riddles, alluding to the whereabouts of the other escaped criminals. Following the Riddler's clues leads the Batman to Two-Face. The Batman is taken captive, and placed in another deathtrap.

The Batman escapes Two-Face's deathtrap. Returning to the scene of Twine's murder, the Batman re-encounters the Riddler. The Riddler is astonished to discover the Batman waiting for him, and that Twine has already been murdered. The Batman beats the Riddler into unconsciousness. Gordon interrogates the Riddler, to no avail. The Batman leaks the Riddler's false confession to the Gotham Gazette, enraging the Penguin. The Penguin sends another tape to Gordon, demanding the Riddler recount the details of Twine's murder. The Joker breaks the Riddler out of police custody.

The Joker sets about murdering the Riddler in a very slow fashion. Two-Face confronts the Joker. Following the Riddler's clues leads the Batman to the Joker. The Batman confronts the Joker, and Two-Face. Two-Face's bodyguards occupy the Batman long enough for Two-Face, and the Joker, to escape. The Batman subdues Two-Face's bodyguards, and saves the Riddler's life. The Batman tracks down the Joker. The Batman subdues the Joker. Following the Riddler's clues leads the Batman to the Penguin. The Batman finds Two-Face confronting the Penguin.

The Batman, and Two-Face, fall prey to the same hallucinogenic toxin the Penguin used to murder Twine. The Batman fights through his hallucinations, and takes the Penguin down. The Batman learns that the Penguin orchestrated the contest of villains to make sure that Twine would be murdered, due to an old grudge the Penguin held against Twine.

Pin-Up Gallery

Illustrations of the Batman, his allies and enemies, by the top artists of the day.

"The Robot Robbers!'

This story was original published in Batman #42 (August-September, 1947). A plot synopsis for this story can be found at the link.



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