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More exciting action and adventures with Batman and Robin in their fight against evil. You will find these following stories in this issue.

  • The Strange Case of the Diabolical Puppet Master.
  • The Ugliest Man in the World.
  • The Crime School for Boys.
  • The Batman vs the Cat-Woman.

The Strange Case of the Diabolical Puppet Master.

On one of his night patrols, Batman notices a man in cossacks about to bump into another person on purpose. He intercepts the fight between the two, and fights the man in cossacks. Suddenly three figures from a speeding car stops and one of them knocks out the Batman. Batman finds out the man he saved is a famous scientist "Dr Craig", who has worked on a formula for atomic energy. When Dr Craig goes on his way, he feels he has been scratched

The next day as Bruce Wayne is walking the streets, he sees the goons from the night before and follows them to a act known as 'Dmitri the Puppet master'. So Bruce attends the show at night, while Robin is backstage looking for clues. Robin using a Doctor's Stethscope, he overhears Dmitri telling his goons, that soon the docter will be in his power, and the 'Voss Rifle' will be his.

Later that night Batman is on his way to Dr Craig. While the same moment, Dmitri is talking about his serum, which was scratched on Dr Craig by his goons. The serum enables Dmitri to hypnotize a man over a large distance for 48 hours, and the drug acts as a conductor to catch all his thought waves. Dmitri sits on a chair and starts giving instructions to the Dr. Far away the Dr wakes up hynotized, goes to his safe and removes the formula. Then he goes outside and gives the formula to Dmitri's Goons. Just then batman intervenes and fights the goons and saves the formula. Then Batman and Robin try to wake up the Dr from the hyponotic stage to cannot.

Dmitri then tries to go for the Voss rifle. His goons go outside and prick many people with needles to make them slaves of Dmitri. At night Dmitri summons all of his hynotized men. While Batman and Robin go to their Batplane in an deserted barn, flying it to the Metropolis Limited. Many hypnotized people rob the train, just when batman comes in his batplane, with robin handing down from the Batplane. Then putting the plane in stationary mode, batman enters the cable car and starts to fight. A Man suddenly holds batman from behind and scratched him with the thought serum. Then tear gas bombs are thrown at Batman and Robin, with bullets also being fired, Both of them climb their batplane and throw pellets which neutralize the tear gas. And Dmitri's goons are captured.

But unknown of the thought serum, Batman does not realize the effects of the scratch. At his lair, Dmitri creates a Batman puppet. At night he summons batman to steal jewels, then notifies the police about the robbery. The police notice Batman stealing the jewels, but he fights and runs away. Dick notices in the morning, that Bruce is gone, and goes to search for him at Dmitri's lair. There he sees Batman approaching Dmitri's house. Robin approaches Batman and tries to take away the suitcase of jewels. Batman thinks Robin is trying to rob him and slaps him. So, Robin hits Batman on his jaw and knocks him out cold. Moments later Batman goes to Dmitri's place. Robin had freed Batman from Dmtris control with electricity treatment, and therefore, Batman has his own free will again. A fight ensues, and Batman knocks Dmitri out cold.



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