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Batman #28 Review –“You Are About to be Spoiled!”


Since the time Batman began in the New 52, Scott Snyder has been in a good non-stop madness! I think every single issue of Batman has been GOOD and I mean it! He’s written one of the best Batman on-goings ever! He has really taken Batman into amazing new levels that’s never been done before and luckily Zero Year has not stop that. Zero Year has been a pretty good origin story that has been a very familiar and different place and story at the same time like you never seen it before. You will see the new take on the villains and relationships born in new ways. So, I recommend you start picking up the trade of the Zero Year in the near future. It’s pretty damn good and you will love it if you’re a big Batman fan. But I strongly suggest you pick this issue up if you been out of the loop, because it digs into the future of Gotham after Forever Evil. You definitely would want to see what’s going on.


Since the time after Forever Evil, the relationship of Harper Row and Batman has grown and they are about to discover the secrets of the new Kingpin of Gotham and more.

The Good

This issue is spoiler-good crazy fun. It reveals a lot of secrets, changes and surprises that gets you all giddy inside. Harper Row’s new persona is very different and not the one you would expect. But you will grow to love it. The action is really fluid and well packed to get you excited and the new relationships of Batman, Harper Row and a few others will make you leap in exciting feats.

Dustin Nguyen’s art is just simply amazing even in his amazing painting art style the action looks great and crazy in a good way. And even though, there’s a lot going on you can actually see what’s going. It won’t feel cluttered or blurry to you at all. I also think seeing this art won’t make miss Greg Capullo’s great art either.

The Bad

Be warned, I think the many spoiled secrets revealed will cause you a few headaches filled with questions waiting to be answered on how will they get to this point. Even though, the art is good I think Dustin needs to work on the face expressions because everyone is giving the same teeth grin look all the way through.


I give this issue a 4.5/9.5 out of 5/10 stars. This is a must pick up issue. It will definitely have you up at your feet. You will be excited where the characters are in the future and maybe love the new relationships that are going on in the story. The story here is really good and even though the art is rough on the face expressions it’s a real pleasure to enjoy especially in the action scenes. Also, there’s a return of a fan favorite character that’s never been seen in the New 52 universe. If that doesn’t make you pick it up, then I don’t know what will. But please pick this up! You will definitely have fun reading it.

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