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Batman #28 Review and Thoughts

Close the doors, put out the light

You know they won't be home tonight

The snow falls hard and don't you know

The winds of Thor are blowing cold

They're wearing steel that's bright and true

They carry news that must get through

They choose the path where no-one goes

They hold no quarter.

(Led Zeppelin – No Quarter)

It's behind that locked door on the cover, pounding, breathing, waiting to be unleashed. The future...

Batman Eternal

Scott Snyder, James Tynion and Dustin Nguyen offer us a look through the Bat keyhole into the future...

...and it's a dark one...

really dark

I really can't say anything about the plot because I don't want to spoil absolutely anything so i'm just gonna say this: Harper Row enters a private Gotham night club for the elite looking for something. An answer? A cure? A weapon? The owner of the night club is the new leader of Gotham's criminal underground. And then the explosions start: Who is this new Kingpin? What's going on in Gotham? Where is Batman? What does Harper want? What, why, who? Whoooooaaaaahhh! And in the end, in the last page a huge surprise awaits.

This issue is about spoilers, fun, fights, new characters, old characters, changes, everything. Snyder drops a dense as funk issue on the fans face and says DEAL WITH IT, that's what's coming up. Dustin Nguyen is one of my favorite artists and really shines in this one. It is clear that Dustin, James and Scott had a lot of fun making this one.

This is six months into the future. This issue changes everything. And it's interesting to see how these changes are gonna happen. If your were not hyped for Batman Eternal, then this one is gonna change your mind.


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