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It's making a change; for the better!

(the review that was supposed to go up on Saturday, March 8, 2014). Batman is in trouble because Riddler is one step ahead still!

The Good

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This was a great issue! Writer Scott Snyder really did a great job playing with this story. We have a young Bruce Wayne/Batman that is still learning the ins-and-outs of Gotham City and trusting other people. With the introduction of Riddler it's really pushed young Batman both physically and mentally. Which is always good.

It was really great how Snyder played with Gordon's story and how he molded it into Batman's. With showing how Gordon wanted to make a difference because Bruce Wayne inspired him too and how corruption has a really strong grip on Gotham. It's great to see how the bond between Batman and Gordon is still forming as Batman doesn't fully trust anyone at all, at this point. So it was great how Gordon's story of wanting to make a change for the better, will help Batman and Gordon's partnership in the near future.

The artwork by Greg Capullo is top notch as usual! The cover issue was really bizarre, and Greg Capullo always does bizarre really well. His art is always a pleasure to see on this series and I'm glad he's the series regular as he brings a certain gritty tone to the series through his artwork. It really empowers Scott Snyder's story and brings it to life visually.

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

You really need to check out this series by Snyder and Capullo! It has everything you could want in a Batman series (action, story, and great art). Overall 5 out of 5.

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