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On the same passenger train as a large group of criminals being transferred to prison -- among them Selina Kyle -- Bruce Wayne is approached by an old gypsy woman who warns him that his life is rife with coincidences. Then fate intervenes when a runaway bulldozer derails the train, allowing many of the convicts to attempt an escape -- just as Batman suddenly appears and captures the most dangerous. Selina, in a daze from the wreck, wanders off into the countryside and briefly contemplates a crime-free life. But when she is recognized and picked up by an old crime cohort, he convinces her to assemble a gang and once again resurrect the Catwoman. Gone are the green "Now Look" sequins, cat glasses, pink tights, pirate boots, vampire collars and plunging knecklines -- as the Princess of Plunder returns to her classic '50s look with a few choice '70s changes, including new boots and a deep slit to her skirt. Armed with her trademark whip -- and a new, specially 'trained-to-steal' Siamese named Hecate -- Catwoman leads her gang in a string of jewel heists. When she targets her next victim -- actually Batman in disguise (and drag as a visiting social matriarch!) -- she manages to elude capture as her crew is taken down. Hecate soon leads the Caped Crusader to his mistress' hideout where she is finally apprehended. Feeling dismayed and betrayed by her pet feline, Batman can't help pointing out to Catwoman that Hecate followed her not so much out of loyalty -- but by the fact that she chose a warehouse full of rare catnip to hide out in!







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