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    Batman » Batman #258 - "The Threat of the Two-Headed Coin" released by DC Comics on October 1974.

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    BATMAN #258 presents "Threat of the Two Headed Coin"

    written by Denny O'Neil art by Irv Novick and Dick Giordano.

    There is a breakin at Arkham Hospital (known today as Arkham Asylum) . The renegade groups plan is to release General Harris . The General invites Harvey Dent to join him and become part of his plan to Freedom .Two- Face accepts the General's offer and follows the him and his men down through the asylum halls to freedom as the general puts it. They pass the Jokers cell and The Joker begs Two-Face to release him. With a flip of his coinTwo-Face denies the Joker his freedom. The General mistakenly thinks he's talking to Harvey Dent and tells Two-Face of his plan to threaten Washington DC with an atomic bomb in hopes that his ransom would be met. Two-Face flips his coin and it comes scarred side up. So Two-Face takes over by force and now leads the plan. The general disgusted and remorseful of the plan and they way it turned out, now heads to Police headquarters to turn himself in. He informs Commissioner Gordon along with the Batman along with Robin of Two-Faces plan to steal Uranium ore that is in transit and use it's atomic potential in Washington DC. The general not being able to live with himself jumps out of Gordon's office window to his death. The Dynamic Duo head to the truck hijack point in Maryland that the General gave them. Together they try to stop the theft of the uraniumTwo Face only to be shot with tranquilizer darts and then chained. They manage to escape their chains by the means of a thermal flair hidden in Batmans left bat ear. Batman soon rushes to end the atomic threat that Two-Face is imposing. Batman pleads to Harvey not to detonate the bomb.Two Face decides use his coin to make the decision and before he does ,he examines his coin when he realizes it not his .At that moment the dark knight engages Two-Face as they both rush for the detonator. Batman overpowers Two-Face and renders a right uppercut to the jaw of Two-Face taking him down.

    This issue also includes:

    "The 3 Racketeers" originally presented in Detective # 61 (March,1942)

    "7 Wonder Crimes of Gotham City" originally presented in Detective #368

    "Twenty - Ton Robbery" originally presented in Batman #26 (Dec - Jan 1949-50)

    "The Guardian of 100 Cities" originally presented in Batman #95 (Oct.1955)

    "The Man with a Thousand Eyes" originally presented in Worlds Finest # 43 (Dec - Jan 1949-50)


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    Batman Pulls The Old Switcheroo 0

     Denny O'Neil writes a fine story for this confrontation between Two Face and the Batman. Two-Face plans to blow up Washington DC with an atomic bomb came from his cohort General Harris as they escaped from Arkham Asylum together. The General hated America and what it has become. Harris thought he needed Harvey Dent's genius to pull the plan off. He believed that a nuclear threat would wake up America and together he and Two-face would make a killing on the healthy ransom. General Harris eventua...

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