Batman #232

    Batman » Batman #232 - "Daughter Of The Demon!" released by DC Comics on June 1971.

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    First appearance of Ra's al Ghul in "Daughter of the Demon," a retelling of Batman and Robin's origins.

    At Millionaire Bruce Wayne's penthouse in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne has discovered that his ward Dick Grayson has been missing for several days from Hudson University. Alfred brings his worried master a "missive" that a messenger left with the doorman. Bruce 's worst fear has been realized. The missive is addressed to the Batman with a picture of Robin captive. "Dear Batman , We have Robin! Save him if you can ." Asking Alfred to cancel all his appts, Bruce changes into his alter ego The Batman and heads for the Batcave at Wayne manor. As he enters the Batcave he finds intruders. One of the intruders introduce himselves as Ra's Al Ghul and tells Batman that he deduced that he really was Bruce Wayne and that they have a similar problem. Ras shows the Batman the message sent to him with a picture of his daughter kidnapped .The Batman recognizes his daughter ,"Thats Talia." "She has spoken highly of you and your ablities "Ras comments. Placing the paper the message is written on under the microscope the Batman finds clues that lead him to believe that the Brotherhood of the Demon ,a cult of killers from Calcutta are the kidnappers. "Then were off to India" exclaims Ras. As the Batman starts to lead them out of the batcave, Ubu the bodygaurd shoves him aside to let his master leave the batcave firstand lets Batman know "The Master always goes first !" The Batman takes note of Ubu's Mistake #1

    Soon they are flying to Calcutta. When they arrive the Batman disguises himself and soon finds two men with information leading to the whereabouts of The Brotherhood of the Demon. They divulge the information to Batman believing him to be a devil. The information takes them to the Alley of Widows.Ubu again pushes the Batman aside letting his Master lead them. Once there the Batman enters the building when suddenly he is attacked by a lunging leopard. Batman catches the leopards jaws with his left elbow grasping the leopard he forces his left arm back fast enough to snap the animals neck. Ras come into the room "Excellent Detective !" "The leopard was trained." remarks the Batman. In the room they find a map with the Himalayan mountains with an area marked on it. Ras then says "We will go immediately!" They soon find themselves climbing Mount Nanda Devi. As they climb they find thier way in a snipers view.The sniper takes target on them and then mostly the Dark Knight Detective. The Batman realizes that he has little time and finds cover in a crevice of the mountain. He then swings out and into a snow bank on the side of the mountain.The sniper goes to the area to investigate and falls victim to the Batman. The Batman sees smoke coming from the side of the mountain. As he walks toward it a helicopter flies overhead. The Batman realizes that this whole adventure has been a hoax orchestrated by Ras Al Ghul. The Batman strides past gunmen who guard a "chamber strewn from rock" and finds Robin roped up on a bench, Batman unties Robin as The "Supreme Brother" enters the Chamber. A gunmen tells the Batman to kneel. The Batman refuses and angrily explains the whole charade from beginning to end as a waste of his time. The Batman and Robin then take out the six men that guard the chamber. The Batman approaches the "Supreme Brother" and rips the mask of his head revealing Ubu. The Batman taunts Ubu (who's been measuring The Batman up) saying hes soft clumsy and slow . Ubu throws several punches missing the Batman completely. The Batman takes out Ubu with a right to the gut then folows with left and right to the chin sending him flying to the ground. Ras Al Ghul and his daughter enter the chamber. The Batman angrily tells Ras "not to bother for an elaborate explanation ,I know everything, But why stage acomplicated quest with real dangers." Ras answers him as Talia walks up to the Dark Knight and kisses him affectionately on the cheek "My Talia loves you and I had to satisfy myself that you were a worthy successor... a worthy son -in-law. "



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    Introducing Ras Al Ghul 0

    This Classic 70's Tale of the Batman introduces Ras Al Ghul. Easily one of the best villians in the Batman Rogues Gallery. Ras appears out of the darkness of the Batcave with his faithful bodyguard Ubu along side him. He comes to Batman not as a villian but as an ally in search of his daughter who Batman had met several issues earlier. Ras has had his organization investigate that he and Bruce Wayne are one in the same.He asks for his assistance in finding both Robin and Talia. The tale revisits...

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