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It's A Joke, Get It? Not Really.

I was really hoping that after Snyders treatment of Joker we would get something decent, but no i had to get my hopes up and get this afterwards.

l'm not even going to waste time on the introduction on this one, it was simply put a Bad issue, and i did not enjoy it. The Problem here is that Kubert waste an issue completely, this could have actually been something interesting, but it turned out to be just for the Laughs, which doesn't make sense because we don't really read Joker stories to laugh, as surprising as that may seem.

What Kubert Does is try to somehow Tell a Joker origin Story while tying it to current events in the issue itself. You see what the problem is here? The Joker doesn't have an Origin, we don't know what spawned this demon with a Clowns face, and that's how it should stay. People Might say that Other writers have tried to give joker an Origin but that was different, during the time the older stories were written, it was possible to give Joker a background, but due to the fact that it was done so many times and also the fact that joker Re-invents himself all the damn time, it's become a part of his character NOT to have an origin. Especially if it's a trite " MY ABUSIVE FAMILY" kind of back story. Andy Kubert had a good chance to explore this concept of Jokers past being Multiple choice, but he just went with a story that add absolutely Nothing to the character.

The reason this issue Got One start is simply because of two reasons:

  • I Like the Art. I thinks it's creepy and fits the Joker well
  • Despite this being a Bad story, i like the Jokers characterization, he acted like himself, and Kubert fooled us well by making us think Joker cared about someone.

I'd give this 2 stars but this whole issue was based off a gag, meaning that it cheats you out of something that could have put already established to use.

Recommendation: Nope.

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