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Bullet Points Review: Intro of a badass villain!

  • The art is so awesome that it will for sure keep you hooked.
  • The investigation about the killing from the last issue continues. More clues about the "owl" symbol found.
  • Once again, Batman's techy gadgets had me bowled over - Photogrammetric scanner in he city morgue - he can have the scanning done right at Batcave and have the results out in seconds! Awesome!!
  • The air about Dick Grayson's involvement - cleared.
  • Lincon March, the one who is contesting for the next mayor of Gotham pays a visit to Bruce Wayne to appeal for his vote. He warns Bruce about something bad that has come to Gotham... Enter A new badass villain of all times... The villain who is going to be the most formidable to Batman!!!
  • Bruce Wayne, as per the message, to die this day. And there is this assassin dressed in the suit of "Owl" who announces to Bruce that "the court of owls has sentenced you to die".. Will he die? will he survivie?.. Read on..
  • The focus is now on the Wayne Tower and its breathtaking architecture that Alan Wayne, an ancestor of Bruce Wayne had build and had some secret areas thrown in that Bruce alone was aware of...
  • Batman believes whoever tried to kill him was just another assassin who wants him dead and there is no such thing as court of owls!!! Is there really a court of owls? - you have to read the next issue to know that!!
  • Bottomline: Batman is as usual at his awesome detective skills, superb twists in story, this issue feels as though this is longer story than usual, lots of Batman's action antics, intro of a new mysterious badass villain - who appears to be as stong as Batman himself and an attempt to kill Bruce Wayne... What more do you want to know to pick up this issue? This is a Batman-must-read issue!!! A super 5 for this one!!!

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