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The Joker is back. His plan; Kill those who make Batman weak.

"Funny Bones"

Art: Beautiful art here. There are a few scenes where the art is a bit off.

Story and Script.

Fantastic issue. Snyder kills it here. I still haven't posted my review for Batman #13(as well as Uncanny Avengers #1) which I will eventually do. This is shaping up to be my favorite Joker story yet.

Joker's interaction with Batman is great. The story has some great plot twists. The scenes with Jim Gordon are my favorite. This issue references a lot of old Batman stuff like Batman Inc, Batman: The Killing Joke #1, and I took Joker mentioning Nightwing as a reference to Batman: The Black Mirror #1 which is a lot of fun.

Some cons, when Joker swears it felt extremely out of character and awkward. Also the scene transition between Ace Chemicals and the Batcave felt awkward.

"Men of Worship"

Art: Fantastic.

Story: Way better than the Harley story last issue. Very compelling, dark, and interesting read.

Overall: Buy this.

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