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    Being the heir to the Bat-Legacy in the 853rd century, Batman 1,000,000 resumes the mission that Bruce Wayne started. With both advanced technology and high intellect, he continues to enforce justice in a new high-tech and evil-ridden future.

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    In the distant 853rd century (year 85,265), criminals of all kinds dominate almost half the galaxy and a very corrupt government enforces murderous law. Seeing the need for a demonstration act after the weak society showed rebellion, the government issued a strict order for the kidnapping of more than 14,500 families.

    When the 15,000 children of those families were forced to watch the massacre of their parents, half of them committed suicide, or completely disregarded these events had ever happened. Out of all of them, one of them could not forget these events, seeing the inhumane society he lived in, this child swore vengeance against all evil, only that child would enforce it in any way possible, he would become Batman One Million.

    Already aware about the Batman-Legacy and the many Batmen there already were, he chose the symbol of the bat because he felt that it stood for more than simply fear; it stood as an ideal, it stood for justice. Knowing what was necessary to succeed in his mission, he began training, honing his abilities just as hundreds of others who had taken the mantle of the bat had done before him.

    After years of patience, training, studying, and preparing, Batman One Million took to the dangerous Asylum Planet, Pluto, along with his sidekick, Robin One Million. Soon after, he was invited to join a new incarnation of the Justice League, Justice Legion Alpha, where he met Superman One Million, Flash One Million, among others. After years of working together, they went back in time to invite the our era of the Justice League to see the rebirth of 1st Superman.

    Unexpectedly, their companion Starman betrayed them and unleashed a plague onto Earth, with the real Justice League being unable to stop it, Justice Legion Alpha was there to assist them. Batman One Million worked with our Batman to find a way to stop Starman's plans, along with Dick and Tim, using the technology of the Batcave. Batman One Million succeeded in stopping his plans, ending up with Starman returning to the light once more and committing suicide to stop what he had done. Batman One Million and his companions returned to their era, along with our Justice League, to watch the return of the Prime Superman.

    Personal Stats

    • Real Name: Unknown
    • Base: Earth, Asylum Planet
    • Weight: 235
    • Height: 6'6"
    • Hair Color: Blond
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Known Relatives: Bat-Family, unnamed parents.

    Powers and Abilities

    Polymath: Over the course of his life-time, this Batman has trained his mind and body to brilliant perfection. He possesses an IQ of 1045. He has shown to be a master inventor and scientist; creating his suit, vehicles, and designing plans to combat any evil that would dare destroy justice.

    Master Tactician and Strategist: He uses his strategic skills to lead the Justice Legion Alpha.

    Master Detective: Has been stated to be the "Darkfuture Detective" and "the Night's Greatest Detective", suggesting profound detective skills.

    Unique Techniques: Batman One Million has displayed great skill in performing a telepathic martial arts technique capable of stunning ones mind before hitting the body.

    Agility: Has shown to be quick and agile enough to dodge gunfire.

    Strength: Like Batman, he could push, press, lift 1000 lbs without effort.

    Stamina: He could exert himself at peak capacity for an 1 hour.

    Batsuit: Though very similar, the Bat-Suit One Million farther surpasses that of the original. It includes:

    • Can turn invisible.
    • Completely fireproof.
    • Able to manipulate gravity fields, allowing the wearer to fly.
    • Can hold up to 1,000,000,000 gigabytes of information.
    • Can enhance the strength of an existing computer
    • Can project illusions for distraction.
    • Can create fully functioning avatars of himself.
    • Can create supercomputer constructs.
    • Strength enhancements, to the point that Batman can snap guns in half with his hands.


    • Batarangs track targets, pass through objects, and alter the DNA of Batman's prey, allowing him to track them anywhere they go.
    • Tool that can indefinitely trap targets in Tesseract Space, which is an infinite space inside of a finite object.
    • A multitool that allows him to hotwire vehicles in any time period, cut through security glass with ease, and hack virtually any computer effortlessly.
    • A circuit burster that acts as a localized EMP, taking out any computer systems in range.

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