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Bullet Points Review: Batman Begins... again! and how!

  • Truly a superb beginning for Batman. I must say Batman Begins.. Again!!
  • The issue opens with short introduction of Gotham citiy's villains and how it is a city that truly is under Batman's wings!
  • Batman shows his raw detective skills & as usual working with Jim Gordon.
  • Art is simply UNIQUE. UNIQUE. UNIQUE. UNIQUE. Damn I cant say that more! It is as if an animated picture is moving before your eyes. What more can be a delight than a 2 page spread of Batcave! This issue is GOLD damn it!
  • There is introduction of Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne & Tim Drake (as themselves and not in their suits in this issue though).
  • I am just spellbound by the tech stuff in this issue: Dick talking to Bruce wearing EMP mask of Joker. That was a good trick pulled on reader for a moment there :)
  • Now tech did I say? Burce wears contact lens with remote access to computer in Batcave. Bruce Wayne runs diagnostic as he goes to a Wayne Enterprises gathering to give a speech (oh and THAT is an awsome speech that he throws in...)
  • Not just that as Bruce talks to different folks in the party, he has the identity reported to him from the computer back at Batcave. Yes, as Dick says "wherever you go the batcave goes with you!". Damn right there Dick!!!
  • There is a death of someone without ID in Gotham that Batman investigates with his awesome forensic skills only to find out that there is some owl symbol associated, a message that "Bruce Wayne will die tomorrow"
  • and ends with an amazing twist - yes - if you think that I have already given you spoilers here - read it yourself. There is one BIG twist at the end which will make you pick up the next issue for sure!!
  • Full bloody 5 stars for this issue.
  • Value for money: 200%!!!!

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