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Full Circle

The artists used a black and white template for the flashbacks, which helped the issue repeatedly flashback during the course of the issue without confusion. Emphasis was also made on the death of Bruce's parents by using a "red and black" template for those flashbacks. It was excellently done because his memories were not shown in a clear conscious style, but broken up into single frames (such as the mugger's gun going off), along with frames that were obviously not real, but a byproduct of a broken memory (such as the frame of the gun that killed his parents being pulled apart and also the frame of young bruce shattering like a broken mirror).

The story highlights Bruce's detective abilities as he uses his alter ego, Matches Malone, to find a killer. He saves a father and a son from being shot by the mugger (the killer he was hunting), thereby coming in full circle by "redeeming" his parents deaths. Batman then asks himself if he "can do what he must...and walk away from it all."

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    I remember going out as a kid and buying my first comic books. This may not have been my first Batman book but is actually my third or fourth book. The book was nicely done, telling Batman's new origin after Zero Hour. Batman tracks down a simple mugger who had killed several people. As with Batman this triggers him thinking about his origins. The inker does a good job of adding Red and Black to the Wayne murder scene, blue for their funeral scenes and Batman's training. The comic is very simple...

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