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Batman #0

Greg Capullo's art is fantastic. He manages to define Gotham City in every panel and it makes the book feel much darker. He also manages to make a ridiculous costume look really good. The facial expressions are also very strong in this issue revealing a much younger Bruce Wayne and James Gordon. The story is no doubt a strong part of this issue as well. We see the Joker before, the Joker and it really ends on a cliff hanger that may be answered in Death of the Family. Bruce Wayne also comes off much different then he is currently and this is good because we can really see how he has evolved as a character. The backup also provides a little hint at everything that we know is going to happen and it makes you smile as well. 
Jason Todd is innocent, but the law probably doesn't see it that way. 
THE VERDICT: 5/5 (Perfect) 
Scott Snyder turned a issue that we all though would have no relevance to the highly anticipated Joker story arc and he pulls it off to where we are even more excited for the story. If you have been reading Batman but are going to skip this issue, you are going to be missing out. The ending of the first story alone, might have a connection to the story and it looks like it might be an interesting twist. I highly recommend this, and is the best comic of the week. 

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