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The Psychotic Perspective: Batman #0 4

Bright New YesterdayI’ve heard nothing but great things about Snyder’s run on Batman, and when I read last month’s issue of Batman, I was delighted to see that his reputation has not been overblown. However, this is zero month, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical that any writer could make a truly compelling origin story for Batman. Let’s face it, Batman’s origin has been told and retold plenty of times, and there is not a lot of fresh ground to break.In this issue, we see Bruce operati...

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Batman #0 0

THE GOOD: Greg Capullo's art is fantastic. He manages to define Gotham City in every panel and it makes the book feel much darker. He also manages to make a ridiculous costume look really good. The facial expressions are also very strong in this issue revealing a much younger Bruce Wayne and James Gordon. The story is no doubt a strong part of this issue as well. We see the Joker before, the Joker and it really ends on a cliff hanger that may be answered in Death of the Family. Bruce Wayne also ...

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A cool look at Year One 0

I really enjoyed this issue. In most comics that deal with how a hero came to be, it usually ends with some sort of allusion to the hero they will soon become, but this issue is different. Snyder beautifully plants the seeds of Batman, instead of watering the tree. No mention of bats. No mention of capes. Only the lone boomerang, and they don't even call it a baterang. I love that Bruce went on a bigger mission and f*cked up HARD. The one thing I didn't like SPOILER ALERT is that the original Re...

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Did not Impress me like I'd hoped 0

This review was published in My School NewspaperBatman #0 reviewAs DC comics continues to celebrate “Zero Month” we take a look at another story about one of their more famous superheroes. Last week we discussed Green Lantern, a popular Superhero in his own right, but still not as well known to non comic readers. Today however, we’re taking a look at one of the most popular and enduring superheroes perhaps of all time, The Dark Knight himself, Batman.Background:Even if you’re not a regular comic...

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More Background to the Beginning of Batman's Crusade 2

I have loved this series and have been very pleased with the work Snyder has produced on this series. I wasn't a huge fan on his Detective run and didn't like what I read of his Swamp Thing series but he has certainly done a good job on this. This issue also has the amazing art work of Capullo which was sadly missing from the last issue.This story starts with a party getting crashed by a gang called the Red Hood gang (nothing to do with the Jason Todd Red Hood). They find out one of their member...

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Young and Restless 0

Not everyone is talking about how nice the backup story was. In just a few pages, Tynion is able to define personalities for Dick, Babs, Tim, and Jason; they are so different from each other.Please check my mini-review of the backup feature in Batman #0 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Bright New Yesterday; Tomorrow 0

[Bright New Yesterday]I have to admit this was my first encounter with [Snyder/Capullo]. I am immensely angry at myself for not reading their work earlier! Having witnessed this and the compliments from fellow readers I am hooked.[Tomorrow]Just getting to the end when it all came together made me speechless. I like this match-up.[Tynion IV./Clarke]The Good[Bright New Yesterday]Capullo’s art was the first thing that kept me focused and engaged to every panel. His vision of all the soon to be BatT...

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"Yeah Well...The Night is Still Young" -- Batman #0 0

What actually happened in Bruce's early years prior to becoming Batman? Series creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are prepared to answer this question along with writer James Tynion IV and artist Andy Clarke in this story that will no doubt make you crave more BATMAN.The GoodScott Snyder and Greg Capullo's work on the previous two story arcs of this series have been incredible because of the way the characters are placed in the story and seeing how Batman (and the allies and enemies) react t...

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My first issue! 0

The goodThis is the first issue of Batman I got I've always been a batman fan but I didn't have the money to get but now I do and I am already really impressed. This story fleshes out what Bruce was doing when he fist came to Gotham and before he became Batman it's an interesting choice for a zero issue and it's really interesting. What makes this even better is the appearance of one of batman's old enemies (although I'm not saying who) but what makes the choice even better is the fact that they...

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High-Tech Year One 0

After so many amazing covers, I kind of expected more from Greg Capullo's zero issue cover. Batwoman, Action Comics, a few others proved that the mandated format doesn't have to create a generic cover, so I was hoping Batman would get one that stands out more, though it's not like it's bad, just not as good as I'd hoped. His interior art, however, is as fantastic as always, even though we don't get to see any of Batman being 'Batman.'The first thing to note, is that this is not a retcon/reboot/r...

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Zero year starts here 0

BATMAN #0 - Bright New YesterdayScott Snyder – WriterGreg Capullo – PencillerJonathan Glapion - InkerFCO Plascencia – ColoristRichard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt – LetteringNov. 2012 The seeds are being planted for the next story arch in the Batman series in this month's #0 issue. We see a younger more optimistic(if that can ever be an adjective used for the Dark Knight) Bruce Wayne who has yet to become the world's greatest detective. Scott Snyder shows us a glimpse at what it's like to be ...

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An excellent issue, a little bit lame in content. 0

Scott Snyder is one of the best comic-writers you can find on the shelves. He's got that passion in writing not every one has. After a stunning story as the Court of the Owls, the author leads us onto a different road, following Harper Row's life (#12) and now regressing to Batman's "zero year" (which is also to become it's third main story-line, but this is another subject). If #12 was almost perfect, here we find a few lame or not really credible situations, along with excellent dialogues and...

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