Batman #49

    Batman » Batman #49 - The Prison Doctor! released by DC Comics on October 1948.

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    Contains the first appearances of the Mad Hatter and Vicki Vale.

    Stories Included:

    1. The Prison Doctor - A prison doctor faces trial for his actions.

    2. The Scoop Of The Century - Mad Hatter attempts numerous robberies and Vicki Vale tries to prove Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same person.

    3. Jerry the Jitterbug
    4. Batman's Arabian Nights - Batman and Robin travel through time to ancient Baghdad to stop the Joker.

    5. Ozzie

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    A relatively mundane issue if not for the first appearance of both Vicki Vale and the Mad Hatter.  The story surrounding them is that Vicki Vale is a young intrepid photographer and reporter trying to get some good scoops for her work.  The Mad Hatter shows up essentially out of nowhere and provides the action as a token bad guy (and really is surprising that the character became a relative staple after his appearance here.)  Vicki tries to find Batman's true identity to no avail and the Hatter ...

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